A high-quality belt can make or break an outfit. With a designer belt you can project chic, stylish, as well as your sense of high fashion. With a Louis Vuitton belt, we give you a contemporary approach to design that is enhanced with the iconic LV initials, high quality, and at The Vintage Bar we only offer high-end style in a fashion belt. 


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  1. Chanel
    Silver Metal Chanel Belt
  2. Maje
    Black Leather Maje Belt
  3. Comptoir des Cotonniers
    Burgundy Leather Comptoir Des Cotonniers Belt
  4. Comptoir des Cotonniers
    Black Leather Comptoir Des Cotonniers Belt
  5. Comptoir des Cotonniers
    Black Leather Comptoir Des Cotonniers Belt
  6. Comptoir des Cotonniers
    Yellow Leather Comptoir Des Cotonniers Belt
  7. Maje
    Red Leather Maje Belt
  8. Chanel
    Ceinture En Cuir Noir - Chanel
  9. Hugo Boss
    Brown Leather Hugo Boss Belt
  10. Hugo Boss
    Black Leather Hugo Boss Belt
  11. Comptoir des Cotonniers
    Blue Leather Comptoir Des Cotonniers Belt
  12. On sale
    Black Leather Céline Belt
  13. Dolce & Gabbana
    Black Leather Dolce & Gabbana Belt
  14. Hermès
    Hermes Quentin Unisex Leather Standard Belt Black,brown
  15. Gucci
    Ceinture Dorée En Émail Rouge Et Bleu Marine - Gucci
  16. Fendi
    Black Leather Fendi Shoulder Straps
  17. 1
    Ceinture Réversible Et Boucle - Hermès
  18. Saint Laurent
    Ceinture En Daim Noir Boucle Dorée - Saint Laurent
  19. Hermès
    Brown Leather Hermès Belt
  20. 1
    Ceinture Dorée Vintage - Chanel
  21. Chanel
    Ceinture En Perles Blanches Et Grises - Chanel
  22. Louis Vuitton
    Black Leather Louis Vuitton Belt
  23. Gucci
    Black Leather Gucci Belt
  24. Gucci
    Black Leather Gucci Belt
  25. Gucci
    Black Leather Gucci Belt
  26. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Black Leather Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
  27. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Black Leather Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
  28. Gucci
    White Grey Leather Gucci Belt
  29. 1
    We Love
    Gucci Brown Leather Red Green Stripes Belt Gg Buckle Size 95/38
  30. On sale
    Brown Leather Burberry Belt
  31. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Burgundy Fabric Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
  32. Brunello Cucinelli
    Ceinture Brunello Cuccinelli
  33. Ralph Lauren
    Ceinture Ralph Lauren M
  34. Celine
    Ceinture Celine 110
  35. Hermès
    Black Leather Hermès Belt
  36. Chloé
    Ceinture/sautoir Chloe
  37. Chanel
    Black Leather Chanel Belt
  38. 1
    Red Leather Chanel Belt
  39. Gucci
    Silver Leather Gucci Belt
  40. Gucci
    Black Leather Gucci Belt
  41. Fendi
    Pink Leather Fendi Belt
  42. Miu Miu
    Black Leather Miu Miu Belt
  43. Louis Vuitton
    Black Leather Louis Vuitton Belt
  44. On sale
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Orange Metal Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
  45. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Black Metal Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
  46. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Silver Leather Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
  47. Burberry
    Black Leather Burberry Belt
  48. Acne Studios
    Purple Nylon Acne Studios Belts
  49. On sale
    Gold Metal Chanel Belt
  50. Gucci
    Beige Leather Gucci Belt
  51. Burberry
    Black Leather Burberry Belt
  52. On sale
    Louis Vuitton
    Black Leather Louis Vuitton Belt
  53. On sale
    Black Leather Lanvin Belt
  54. Fendi
    Black Leather Fendi Belt
  55. 1
    Beige Leather Gucci Belt
  56. Gucci
    Brown Leather Gucci Belt
  57. MSGM
    Blue Polyester MSGM Belt
  58. Louis Vuitton
    Multicolor Canvas Louis Vuitton Belt
  59. Dolce & Gabbana
    Brown Leather Dolce & Gabbana Belt
  60. Marni
    Brown Leather Marni Belt

More about Belts

With a Louis Vuitton belt, many are reversible and certainly a fashion forward piece that is compliment to your coordinating outfit. We display a variety in the fashion category of a luxury belt such as Louis Vuitton with its stunning look, plethora of designs, and always unique. Manufactured in France, Louis Vuitton is amongst the most known and popular designer brands. 

A high-end fashion belt stands out amongst any other brands. In fact, a designer belt will catch the eye of others ensuring you have exquisite designer taste. In keeping with designer style, another luxury belt we offer is Gucci. A Gucci belt again shows your designer sense, contemporary, chic, your outfit projects nothing but the best. Any Gucci belt is made with carefully selected materials, and of course a factor in being a high-end product as far as a designer belt. Gucci being an Italian fashion house, these belts are not only made from the finest materials, but also in a sleek variety of styles such as belts fashioned from textured metal still retaining the signature Double G. 

A designer brand belt definitely present luxury style and your sense of carrying yourself as having confident high-end taste. 
We offer nothing less than quality, and a Fendi belt is amongst the higher scale in the designer brand world. Offering a variety of styles, the Fendi belt varies in style with multi-function as well as a traditional yet trendy accessory. Produced with the utmost expertise in Italy, and always displaying the “F” for Fendi, the color selection and the choices are always extraordinarily voguish. While consistently keeping up the current trends. 

Manufactured in France, Italy and Spain, the dynamic powerhouses in the industry, Chanel, always projects A1 styles in the world of fashion. Their Chanel belts are always beyond gorgeous. We love Chanel as much as any other designer belt, with its exquisite, stylish choices, from lambskin to calfskin to metal chains, the variety is endless. A Chanel belt always displays the designer name or the signature 'CC'. From the vintage look to what’s trending today, Chanel offers a fashionable multitude of designer characteristics. 

Embodying the full characteristic of the word designer, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, and Chanel are all polished elegance. With the ability to wear these designer belts in many versatile fashionable ways, from the waist, below the waist, on the hip, we at The Vintage Bar offers you the choice that will always exude posh in any one of our designers.