Chanel Jewelry

Coco Chanel was known for bold, flashy jewelry. Long, brightly colored necklaces, bold bangles and oversized Chanel earrings are classic styles that today's lovers of vintage style still find irresistible. 


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More about Chanel Jewelry

Here at The Vintage Bar, we understand that finding great vintage pieces is more than just shopping. It's finding those rare gems that speak directly to your heart. We're on the search daily for bags and jewelry that do that.
What's New: Our Original Necklaces Using Repurposed Jewelry
We are now offering our original necklace designs that incorporate pieces of vintage jewelry. These unique pieces are only available from us.

We were inspired by our collection of Chanel buttons, single earrings, ring parts and other mismatched jewelry pieces. What could we do with all these fun, classic pieces of vintage jewelry that we couldn't sell on their own?

Our answer was to repurpose them into fun, modern jewelry that captures that same spirit. If you love vintage, here's your chance to wear it in a totally modern, up-to-date way. 

Each repurposed Chanel necklace is unique. One might use an old Chanel brooch while another uses a pair of Chanel earrings. These one-of-a-kind necklaces are only available to The Vintage Bar customers. You won't see these repurposed Chanel beauties anywhere else.