Louis Vuitton Agendas

Organized in style is the way to go. Who said you have to get the boring plain old agendas? Why not keep your scheduling exciting and fun as your events? The ring agendas allow an endless usage of the planner. Refill it yearly with new papers and the Louis Vuitton Planner will become a timeless essential in your life. 


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More about Louis Vuitton Agendas

The Louis Vuitton agenda is a must for all workaholics! If you have a busy lifestyle pick up the LV GM agenda and if not, the LV mm agenda will still get the work done. Crafted in different variations of Louis Vuitton’s iconic prints. Choose the one your heart desires from the classic iconic Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram on coated canvas, Multicolor Monogram, Damier (Ebene, Azur, & Graphite), Epi Leather, Vernis, to Lin canvas. The options are endless!

The Louis Vuitton Agenda will keep all of your notes and appointments fashionably organized. It opens to various slips to hold notes and cards. And if you want bring your Louis Vuitton agenda to have some personalization to it – bring it into a Louis Vuitton store and have them paint your initials or a design on the hard-sided canvas. Carry your Louis Vuitton Planner to your next job interview or meeting, and you will have everything you need.