Prada counts itself among the Italian designer houses that gave Milan its reputation as an international fashion capital. Despite the fact that it was founded in 1913, the designer only really gained traction during the late twentieth century with its decision to feature collections of original totes, accessories, and ready to wear. Prada presented itself as the antithesis to the showy branding of traditional designer luxury goods, a choice that ironically led to its success as one of the largest names among fashion houses today. 

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  1. Prada
    Leather Shoulder Bag
  2. Prada
    Canvas Handbag
  3. Prada
    Leather Belt Bag
  4. Prada
    Tessuto Drawstring Backpack
  5. Prada
    Leather Crossbody Bag
  6. Prada
    Saffiano Leather Wallet on Chain
  7. Prada
    Tessuto Robot Tote Bag
  8. Prada
    Nappa Gaufre Satchel
  9. Prada
    Tessuto Satchel
  10. Prada
    Tessuto Shoulder Bag
  11. Prada
    Leather Shoulder bag
  12. Prada
    Tessuto Satchel
  13. Prada
    Tessuto Gaufre Tote Bag
  14. Prada
    Gathered Tessuto Tote Bag
  15. Prada
    Tessuto Stampato Tote Bag
  16. Prada
    Black Wallet
  17. Prada
    Canapa Hobo Bag
  18. Prada
    Tessuto Bomber Satchel
  19. Prada
    Tessuto Satchel
  20. Prada
    Tessuto Nappa Gaufre Satchel
  21. Prada
    Leather Handbag
  22. Prada
    Tessuto Business Bag
  23. Prada
    Tessuto Crossbody Bag
  24. Prada
    Leather Business Bag
  25. Prada
    Leather Tote Bag
  26. Prada
    Sports Nylon Crossbody Bag
  27. Prada
    Saffiano Lux Galleria Handbag
  28. Prada
    Suede Handbag
  29. Prada
    Canapa Nylon Hobo
  30. Prada
    Canapa Logo Handbag
  31. Prada
    Tessuto Hobo Bag
  32. Prada
    Printed Saffiano Galleria Satchel
  33. Prada
    Tessuto Bow Handbag
  34. Prada
    Tessuto Crossbody Bag
  35. Prada
    Tessuto Crossbody Bag
  36. Prada
    Tessuto Satchel
  37. Prada
    Tessuto Gaufre Satchel
  38. Prada
    Canvas Handbag
  39. Prada
    Tessuto Stampato Tote Bag
  40. Prada
    Canapa Mistolino Handbag
  41. Prada
    Ruffled Tessuto Tote Bag
  42. Prada
    Tessuto Chain Shoulder Bag
  43. Prada
    Argilla City Calf Tote Bag
  44. Prada
    Canvas Backpack
  45. Prada
    Mirror Leather Tote Bag
  46. Prada
    Tessuto Tote Bag
  47. Prada
    Tessuto Handbag
  48. Prada
    Tessuto Handbag
  49. Prada
    Vitello Daino Leather Satchel
  50. Prada
    Wool Shoulder Bag
  51. Prada
    Leopard Print Ankle Boots
  52. Prada
    Tessuto Belt Bag
  53. Prada
    Vitello Daino Tote Bag
  54. Prada
    Tessuto Tote Bag
  55. Prada
    Tessuto Tote Bag
  56. Prada
    Vitello Daino Shoulder Bag
  57. Prada
    Tessuto Shoulder Bag
  58. Prada
    Saffiano Shoulder Bag
  59. Prada
    Vitello Daino Handbag
  60. 1
    Tessuto Business Bag

More about Prada

One of the first to embrace nylon as a material for bags, Prada used a focus on unique fabric and reliable construction rather than logos to attract clients to its intellectual designs. Conceptual creations by Prada added impetus to fashion movements of the 1990s, fuelling clients' desire for low-key yet high-fashion pieces. Since then, Prada has continued to draw praise as well as critique for its daring styles and innovative aesthetics, ensuring a consistent place in the spotlight for the designer and crediting its reputation as a global powerhouse in the fashion industry. For the enlightened style expert, a Prada piece represents the perfect marriage between practical function and haute couture clout. The luxury inherent in the materials used in designer creations by Prada is understated and subtle thanks to the simplicity and almost retro feel of its designs, a combination that works to the advantage of the wearer.