The name Chanel has been synonymous with chic since the 1920s. Since then, the legendary fashion house has never stopped creating bags that are dramatic, elegant and instantly recognizable. At The Vintage Bar, we salute this legendary icon with a full lineup of pre-owned and vintage Chanel handbags and jewelry. 

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  1. Chanel
    Silver Multicolor Rhinestone 'CC' Earrings
  2. Chanel
    Silver 'CC' Charm Necklace
  3. Chanel
    Silver 'CC' Charm Necklace
  4. Chanel
    Gold 'CC' Pearl Dangle Earrings
  5. Chanel
    Gold-toned CC Dangle Earrings
  6. 1
    Silver-toned CC Earrings
  7. Chanel
    Silver-toned "CC" Earrings
  8. Chanel
    East/West Lambskin Leather Tote Bag
  9. Chanel
    Cosmos Leather Long Wallet
  10. Chanel
    Deauville Canvas Tote Bag
  11. Chanel
    Matelasse Caviar Leather Wallet On Chain
  12. Chanel
    Matelasse Le Boy Caviar Leather Wallet on Chain
  13. Chanel
    CC Timeless Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag
  14. Chanel
    Classic Medium Lambskin Leather Double Flap Bag
  15. Chanel
    Clover Necklace
  16. Chanel
    Coco Cocoon Leather Handbag
  17. Chanel
    CC Matelasse Lambskin Leather Flap Bag
  18. Chanel
    CC Wild Stitch Leather Tote Bag
  19. Chanel
    Caviar Petit Timeless Tote
  20. Chanel
    CC Caviar Leather Key Holder
  21. Chanel
    Medallion Caviar Leather Tote Bag
  22. Chanel
    Rectangle Tinted Sunglasses
  23. Chanel
    Camellia Tinted Sunglasses
  24. Chanel
    Faux Pearl Clip-On Earrings
  25. Chanel
    Classic Small Lambskin Leather Double Flap Bag
  26. Chanel
    CC Matelasse Caviar Leather Shoulder Bag
  27. Chanel
    CC Clip-on Earrings
  28. Chanel
    Medallion Caviar Leather Tote Bag
  29. Chanel
    Classic Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag
  30. Chanel
    8 Knots Lambskin Leather Tote Bag
  31. Chanel
    CC Round Pendant Necklace
  32. Chanel
    Round Tinted Sunglasses
  33. Chanel
    Round Tinted Sunglasses
  34. Chanel
    Matelasse Reissue East West Tote Bag
  35. Chanel
    Round Tinted Sunglasses
  36. Chanel
    CC Leather Long Wallet
  37. Chanel
    Camellia Choker
  38. Chanel
    CC Rhinestone Ring
  39. Chanel
    Vinyl Tube Bangle
  40. Chanel
    Round Tinted Sunglasses
  41. Chanel
    Matelasse CC Metallic Leather Wallet
  42. Chanel
    Square Tinted Sunglasses
  43. Chanel
    CC Faux Pearl Clip-On Earrings
  44. Chanel
    CC Clip-on Earrings
  45. Chanel
    Medium Classic Lambskin Leather Double Flap Bag
  46. Chanel
    Square Tinted Sunglasses
  47. Chanel
    CC Caviar Timeless Tote Bag
  48. Chanel
    New Travel Line Canvas Tote Bag
  49. Chanel
    Matelasse Lambskin Leather Flap Bag
  50. Chanel
    Round Tinted Sunglasses
  51. Chanel
    Up in the Air Tote Bag
  52. Chanel
    Medallion Caviar Leather Tote Bag
  53. Chanel
    Square Tinted Sunglasses
  54. Chanel
    Choco Bar Caviar Leather Boston Bag
  55. Chanel
    Nylon Chain Crossbody Bag
  56. Chanel
    CC Wild Stitch Leather Shoulder Bag
  57. Chanel
    Camelia Patent Leather Chain Tote Bag
  58. Chanel
    Square Tinted Sunglasses
  59. Chanel
    CC Timeless Lambskin Leather Flap Bag
  60. Chanel
    Round Tinted Aviator Sunglasses

More about Chanel

We offer pre-owned and vintage Chanel bags of all styles. If you're looking for Chanel hobo bags, Chanel totes or Chanel clutches, we're sure to have them now, or in the future. Since our inventory of Chanel bags is secondhand, it is always changing. In addition to offering Chanel bags for sale, we also sell secondhand jewelry. The Chanel brooch and the Chanel pearl necklace are iconic vintage jewelry pieces. If you thought owning designer bags was only in your dreams, The Vintage Bar is here to make your dreams come true. Find exquisite, authentic pre-owned Chanel bags that will be the centerpiece of your wardrobe. At The Vintage Bar, we believe fashion should be fun. That was Coco Chanel's approach to fashion, and it's one we're glad to keep alive in our collection of well-loved Chanel handbags, our secondhand Chanel jewelry and our original, repurposed Chanel necklaces. We have the finest selection of fully authenticated, vintage Chanel bags available anywhere. Please enjoy browsing through this amazing collection.