Fendi Bags

Fendi bags bridge the gap between the casual and the luxurious, creating the perfect blend of practical and extraordinary with creations that elevate simple shapes with jacquard fabric, supple leather, and bold detailing. Fendi bags incorporate classic styling with quirky twists; a streamlined tote crafted in striking strawberry red, a metallic Fendi purse with an oversized buckle, or a mini bag made for carrying only the essentials, adding drama to the most mundane of days. 


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  1. Fendi
    Zucca Canvas Mamma Baguette
  2. Fendi
    Pequin Travel Bag
  3. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Shoulder Bag
  4. Fendi
    Mamma Forever Leather Shoulder Bag
  5. Fendi
    Pico Baguette
  6. Fendi
    Pequin Boston Bag
  7. Fendi
    Canvas Tote Bag
  8. Fendi
    Doctor B Leather Shoulder Bag
  9. Fendi
    Canvas Tote Bag
  10. Fendi
    Beige Zucca Baguette
  11. Fendi
    Spy Leather Handbag
  12. Fendi
    Brown Zucca Pouch
  13. Fendi
    Monster Double Micro Leather Crossbody Bag
  14. Fendi
    Red Suede Baguette Mamma
  15. Fendi
    White Zucca Small Shoulder Bag
  16. 1
    Brown Zucca Baguette Mamma
  17. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Handbag
  18. 1
    Brown Zucca Baguette Mamma
  19. Fendi
    Red Zucca Baguette
  20. 1
    Brown Zucca Baguette
  21. Fendi
    Brown Suede Baguette
  22. Fendi
    Etniko Leather Handbag
  23. Fendi
    Selleria Linda Leather Handbag
  24. Fendi
    Brown Zucca Baguette Mamma
  25. Fendi
    Fur Shoulder Bag
  26. Fendi
    Nylon Shoulder Bag
  27. Fendi
    Zucchino Nylon Tote Bag
  28. Fendi
    Red Zucca Baguette Mamma
  29. Fendi
    Selleria Linda Leather Shoulder Bag
  30. Fendi
    Selleria Firenze Leather Handbag
  31. Fendi
    Puckered Bubble Leather Chef Shoulder Bag
  32. Fendi
    Pequin Canvas Handbag
  33. Fendi
    Peekaboo Leather Satchel
  34. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Travel Bag
  35. Fendi
    Whipstitch Runaway Leather Satchel
  36. Fendi
    2Jours Envelope Clutch Bag
  37. Fendi
    Peekaboo Leather Satchel
  38. Fendi
    Zucchino Nylon Tote Bag
  39. Fendi
    Pequin Canvas Shoulder Bag
  40. Fendi
    Suede Shoulder Bag
  41. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Baguette
  42. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Tote Bag
  43. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Shoulder Bag
  44. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Tote Bag
  45. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Tote Bag
  46. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Handbag
  47. Fendi
    Zucca Embossed Leather Satchel
  48. Fendi
    Kan I F Leather Satchel
  49. Fendi
    Leather Be Baguette Shoulder Bag
  50. Fendi
    Fendi Peekaboo Very Light Gray Leather Tote Large Handbag
  51. Fendi
    Fendi Vintage Fendissime Shopper Tote in embossed Leather with double leather straps
  52. Fendi
    Black Leather Baguette Mamma
  53. 1
    Brown Vinyl Baguette
  54. 3
    Orange Leather Baguette Croissant
  55. 4
    Leopard Print Pony Hair Baguette
  56. 3
    Black Leather Baguette Mamma
  57. 1
    Quilted Logo Shopper
  58. 4
    Fendi Vintage Black Leather Portfolio Bag Large Clutch
  59. 2
    Fendi Front Logo Tall Tote in Khaki Green/Black/Brown Coated Canvas
  60. 4
    Fendi Tall Zip Tote in Brown/Tan Canvas

More about Fendi Bags

Fendi's signature double "F" or "Zucca" motif is front and center on most Fendi handbags and brings a geometric aesthetic to otherwise simple cuts. The pattern lends itself well to the versatile canvas favored for the construction of many Fendi bags and has represented the brand since Karl Lagerfeld penned the iconic logo in the mid-1960s. Other fabrics favored by the designer include a simple but effective wide two-toned stripe, most popular in tobacco color and a favorite when paired with larger weekend bags. Of course, leather also plays an important part in the Fendi legacy as any Fendi design finds new life when interpreted in a patent or metallic material. When crafted from light pink calfskin, the classic tote is transformed into a polished and pristine accessory worthy of Park Avenue, and the chic logo buckle shines a bit brighter on a background of embossed Zucca leather. 

Perhaps the most in demand Fendi handbag of the last twenty years is the Baguette, an oblong purse with a strap just long enough to tuck the bag under the arm when it hangs from the shoulder. The star of unforgettable TV adventures, this model has undeniable charm and remains a top seller. Another ever-popular model is the Peekaboo bag, whose creative design allows the exterior pockets to be folded down to reveal interior detailing. The bag has been used as a canvas for collaborations with various artists over the years and never fails to delight with its capacity for personalization and the whimsical surprises each piece holds. Vintage Fendi finds feature even more variety when it comes to motifs and fabrics, making a retro Fendi purse a fabulous way to rejuvenate a dreary closet. 

With an ever-increasing international following led by some of the biggest names among social media influencers and celebrities, Fendi bags are hotter than ever and deserve a place on the shelf of every serious fashion collector. When seeking the perfect Fendi piece, there is no need to sacrifice style for practicality. Those seeking Fendi bags should never settle for a piece that doesn't fit their personal style; with all the materials, silhouettes, and artistic flair involved in creating Fendi handbags, the possibilities for assembling the perfect purse are endless and leave room for the wearer's imagination to run wild.