Bottega Veneta Veneta

Bottega Veneta was founded in Vicenza, which is located in the Veneto region of Italy, in 1966 (Bottega Veneta translates directly to ‘Venetian shop’ in English). At the time, Bottega Veneta’s sewing machines were not powerful enough to work with most leathers. To make its bags and accessories, the house had to use a softer, more supple leather called Nappa. Unwilling to sacrifice quality, Bottega Veneta wove this leather to make it strong and durable. This braiding technique, known as Intrecciato, has become the signature of Bottega Veneta. The house has never branded its pieces with labels or logos, so this is the only feature that makes them recognizable as Bottega Veneta originals. 


The Bottega Veneta Veneta Bag, the house’s namesake piece, showcases the Intrecciato technique. Completely seamless, it is finished with woven contours, a zipper closure, an interior zipper pocket, and suede lining. A vintage style, the Bottega Veneta Veneta Bag is popular for its slouchy, hobo silhouette and short shoulder drop. 

Still in high demand, the house has recently re-released it as the Shoulder Bag and re-imagined it as the BV Jodie and the Shoulder Pouch. Today, these styles retail for between $2,800 and $6,250. But, you can shop vintage and save! At The Vintage Bar, the Bottega Veneta Veneta is priced at up to 80% less.