Saint Laurent

The house formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent occupies a distinct and vital place in fashion history. From embroidered folk costumes to iconic safari jackets, Saint Laurent boasts diverse and exotic inspiration resulting in irresistible designer collections and fantastic narratives. Known as 'Le Petit Prince' of la mode, the innate talent of Saint Laurent was evident at an early age and blossomed with the founding of the signature house of the designer in 1961. 

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More about Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent's insatiable quest for the extraordinary rejuvenated the fashion industry and allowed clients a playful sense of freedom at a transformative epoch. His defined technique combined with an artistic eye have allowed him to take his place as one of the great couturiers of the twentieth century. A piece by Saint Laurent is by definition a statement. Whether a sultry androgynous tuxedo suit, a classic replication of the unforgettable "Mondrian" dress, or the perfect monogrammed leather clutch, the designer's creations effortlessly turn heads with their subtle edginess. Each Saint Laurent piece showcases the fascination of the designer with the unusual, sometimes verging on the bizarre yet always paying homage to the house's progression over time. In this sense Saint Laurent's contribution to fashion history is ongoing and profound, with each collection building on the established legacy of the designer in a way that cannot be duplicated. The vision of Saint Laurent appeals to the youthful spirit of the wearer, celebrating lighthearted self-expression and providing instant revitalization to any style. Ideal for those looking to explore a more adventurous side of fashion, Saint Laurent's lines of designer jewelry, makeup, handbags and other haute couture offerings provide innumerable ways to transform and inspire.