Dior Saddle Bags

To satisfy everyone’s nostalgia for ’90s silhouettes, Maria Grazia Chiuri has recently updated and re-released Dior’s Saddle. But don’t forget the original Saddle Bags in the Galliano design. You can tell the difference between the designs, by looking at the details of the Dior Saddle bags. The updated Dior saddle was re-released in a bigger size and with the noticeable “CD” charms hanging from the front flap – so if the vintage saddle style covered in the Dior logo, wasn’t enough Dior for you, this definitely will be! And for all our Sex and the City fans, you might recognize this style hanging from the arm of our all time favorite, Carrie Bradshaw, in many different designs. 


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More about Dior Saddle Bags

The canvas saddle bags are most often crafted in the Jacquard logo and in a various number of colors. This gives you the opportunity to get a Saddle bag for every occasion. The popular vintage saddle bag purses are the black, blue, brown and bordeaux colored. You can also find the Dior Saddle bag crafted in coated canvas, in light pink, dark red or ocean blue detailed with white leather. The coveted style has made a comeback the past year, and is more than ready to give you a Carrie-moment. 

For the serious collector, a Dior Saddle bag is a must-have piece. Either one of the classics, whether vintage or re-released, or one of the special editions that have been made over the years. For example, the Dior saddle purse from Dior’s Le Hardcore collection in white and red, with the silver hardware details. Another special edition, which will never fail you, is embroidered with colorful spring flowers and koi. The perfect spring and summer bag. Dior has created multiple themed Saddle bags, such as the vintage style with the cut-out from a pair of jeans or decorated with white feathers. We are looking forward to introduce you to all the different looks of the Saddle bags, that have been created over the years. 

Maria Grazia Chiuri also released two new pieces recently. The Dior Double Saddle, which gives you twice the saddle, and keeping the “CD” charms hanging from the closure flap. The second, very popular Dior style which was released, is the Mini Saddle. With this item hanging on your arm, be prepared for looks when walking in the streets. To all these newer styles, make sure to add a longer strap with the matching colors and logo. But Maria Grazia Chiuri did not only satisfy women with her new collection, on the other hand she made sure to give every man out there a reason to love Dior, by creating a men’s Saddle bag. It might be 2020, but the Saddle rides again!