For nearly 100 years, Fendi has embodied high end Italian glamour through its collections of chic yet practical handbags. Since its foundation by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in 1925, the Fendi emblem stands for the quality and craftsmanship established by the fur and leather creations so sought after by its aristocratic clients. Throughout the 20th century, designers such as Karl Lagerfeld have left their mark on the gorgeous products, making a Fendi purse or Fendi wallet a must have item in every era. 

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  1. Fendi
    Zucchino Zip Around Key Holder
  2. Fendi
    Leather Phone Case
  3. Fendi
    Zucca Canvas Mamma Baguette
  4. Fendi
    Pequin Travel Bag
  5. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Shoulder Bag
  6. Fendi
    Mamma Forever Leather Shoulder Bag
  7. Fendi
    Pico Baguette
  8. Fendi
    Pequin Boston Bag
  9. Fendi
    Canvas Tote Bag
  10. Fendi
    Monster Charm Key Chain
  11. Fendi
    Doctor B Leather Shoulder Bag
  12. Fendi
    Peekaboo Leather Wallet
  13. Fendi
    Canvas Tote Bag
  14. Fendi
    Monster Fur Pom-Pom Bag Charm
  15. Fendi
    Monster Fur Pom-Pom Bag Charm
  16. Fendi
    Beige Zucca Baguette
  17. Fendi
    Monster Leather Zip Wallet
  18. Fendi
    Spy Leather Handbag
  19. Fendi
    Brown Zucca Pouch
  20. Fendi
    Monster Double Micro Leather Crossbody Bag
  21. Fendi
    Red Suede Baguette Mamma
  22. Fendi
    White Zucca Small Shoulder Bag
  23. 1
    Zucchino Compilation Canvas Baguette
  24. 1
    Brown Zucca Baguette Mamma
  25. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Handbag
  26. Fendi
    Fendi My Way Watch
  27. Fendi
    Brown Transparent Jelly Flat Sandals
    Size 38 EU
  28. Fendi
    Green Print Wide Heel Slingback Shoes
    Size 37 EU
  29. 1
    Brown Zucca Baguette Mamma
  30. Fendi
    Fendi Leather Belt Bag
  31. Fendi
    Fendi IShine Watch
  32. Fendi
    Red Zucca Baguette
  33. Fendi
    Fendi Ishine Mother of Pearl Watch
  34. 1
    Brown Zucca Baguette
  35. Fendi
    Brown Suede Baguette
  36. Fendi
    Etniko Leather Handbag
  37. Fendi
    Selleria Linda Leather Handbag
  38. Fendi
    Knitted Wool Shawl
  39. Fendi
    Brown Zucca Baguette Mamma
  40. Fendi
    Fur Shoulder Bag
  41. Fendi
    Printed Silk Scarf
  42. Fendi
    Nylon Shoulder Bag
  43. Fendi
    Zucchino Nylon Tote Bag
  44. Fendi
    Red Zucca Baguette Mamma
  45. Fendi
    Selleria Linda Leather Shoulder Bag
  46. Fendi
    Hypnoteyes Leather Wallet on Chain
  47. Fendi
    Selleria Firenze Leather Handbag
  48. Fendi
    Puckered Bubble Leather Chef Shoulder Bag
  49. Fendi
    Pequin Canvas Handbag
  50. Fendi
    Peekaboo Leather Satchel
  51. Fendi
    Zucchino Canvas Travel Bag
  52. Fendi
    Whipstitch Runaway Leather Satchel
  53. Fendi
    Forever Fendi Watch
  54. Fendi
    Forever Fendi Watch
  55. Fendi
    Fendi Ishine Mother of Pearl Watch
  56. Fendi
    Fendi IShine Watch
  57. Fendi
    Forever Fendi Watch
  58. Fendi
    Brown and Green Leather Block Heels
    Size 37 EU
  59. Fendi
    Gold Metallic Wedge Sandals
    Size 39.5 EU
  60. Fendi
    Black Textured Strapless Dress
    Size 36

More about Fendi

The Roman fashion house immortalized such silhouettes as the 'Baguette' and the signature 'Peekaboo', and Fendi handbags (particularly vintage Fendi pieces) are characterized by edgy yet enduring style. A leader in the fashion industry, Fendi is known for its willingness to break with tradition and delight spectators with elaborate displays and exhilarating runway shows in exotic locations. Classic Italian design and abstract avant-garde couture are noted sources of inspiration for Fendi's unique look, creating the perfect marriage between sumptuous Roman luxury and cutting edge ingenuity.

Fendi bags are known for impeccable construction and quality, with pristine leather detailing and a variety of luxurious materials comprising highly desirable lines of Fendi wallets, Fendi handbags, and Fendi purses. Fendi's unforgettable double F logo is incorporated into all of its designs, whether subtly worked into high quality metal hardware or emblazoned on the fabric of the bags themselves. Ever sensitive to the tides of artistic expression, Fendi dares to employ innovative and trendsetting techniques when creating Fendi bags while ensuring that they remain timeless pieces. Textures vary from eye-catching metallics to sophisticated neutrals, often including a pop of color through a playful print, chunky hardware, or an allover tint to complete the allure. 

Connoisseurs of vintage fashion know that vintage Fendi completes any wardrobe, adding a touch of elegance and flair to every outfit. Whether a classic piece of Fendi jewelry or an accent handbag, Fendi's attraction as a closet staple is undeniable as the creations display their quality decade after decade. The availability of Fendi products in every size provides versatility for innumerable events and occasions; its larger tote sizes are ideal for excursions of any length while a dainty shoulder bag turns heads and the compact yet striking wallet options add instant class to the wearer's ensemble. Fendi's products speak to the individual while guarding universal appeal; from the bohemian romantic to the classic beauty to the punk princess, Fendi brings out the best in any style while simultaneously testifying to the quality and heritage represented by this giant of la mode.